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The Rainbow Community is a secured 40-bed dementia program. It is located on the first floor of Lewis County Residential Health Care Facility. It is our mission to assist our community, families and caregivers in providing a therapeutic environment that assists individuals in transition and their families.

Our nursing staff provides 24-hour nursing care seven days a week. The head nurse in the Rainbow Community is a Registered Nurse who directs and assists in managing nursing care. Licensed Practical Nurses typically pass the medications to the residents, provide treatments and coordinate resident care. Certified Nursing Assistants provide the hands-on care for the activities of daily living.

When needed, Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy is provided to the residents of the Rainbow Community.

Our staff provides support and education for caregivers, family, friends and/or persons with dementia issues relating to Alzheimer's disease. Caregivers and family members provide emotional support and exchange coping skills with one another regarding the unique challenges of learning to live with a loved one affected by Alzheimer's disease.

Plants, pets and intergenerational activity help to create a better social and physical environment for our residents. This program helps to minimize the three plagues of loneliness, hopelessness and boredom.

We feel that family members are a very important part of effective long-term care. To help family members interact effectively with our staff we hold quarterly Family Council Meetings. Various speakers attend these meetings and family members gain understanding and knowledge from their participation.

Clergy and community volunteers hold non-denominational and Catholic services weekly.

Snoezelen is a multi-sensory environment designed to stimulate the primary senses of touch, taste, sight, sound and smell without the need for intellectual activity. Trust and relaxation are encouraged through non-directive therapy. We maintain a Snoezelen cart that can be placed in an individual's room or be used in a community setting for several individuals at a time.

Camaraderie permeates all aspects of Lewis County General Hospital Residential Health Care Facility. From the staff that stops to adjust an afghan around the shoulders of a frail woman in a chair to the regular visitors who know many residents by name, comfortable, family-like communications are commonplace.

It's easy to see that residents, staff and visitors know and care for each other.

Our meals are served in a dining room with full place setting, just as you might set your table at home. Each resident's plate is dished individually in the dining room just like at home. This allows a person to have more or less of a particular food. The aroma of the food also permeates the room while it is being dished, increasing appetites.

Our visiting hours are not limited to accommodate the individual preferences of our residents and the busy schedules of their families. When necessary, other visiting accommodations can be made.