The Laboratory at Lewis County General Hospital provides a broad range of clinical services to clients of all ages. Lab professionals perform tests on blood and body fluids. The results of these tests will help your physician diagnose illnesses early, when cures are most likely. Lab tests may also rule out a condition, avoiding unneccessary treatment or help to determine which medication will provide the most effective treatment for you. Lab tests contribute vital information about your health.

Lab tests must be ordered by a physician, dentist, chiropractor, PA or nurse practitioner. Lewis County General Hospital Lab can perform testing for any of the above individuals within the United States. Once testing has been completed, the results will be faxed to the ordering provider.

The Lab is staffed with Medical Technologists, Bacteriologists, Clerks, Phlebotomists and a Histotechnician. Services are provided for inpatients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Outpatient services are provided from 8AM until 7PM Monday through Friday and by appointment only on Saturdays at the Lab.


You MUST pre-register for Blood draws at the clinics.  

To register call the Admissions Department at 376-5577.

Blood draws are available at the following locations and times:

Harrisville Health Center (Harrisville): Tuesdays, 7:30AM-9:00AM

South Lewis Family Health Center (Rt. 12, Lyons Falls): Thursdays, 7:00AM-9:00AM

Copenhagen Health Center (Rt. 12, Copenhagen): Tuesdays, 8AM-9AM, By Appointment Only, call the Lab at 376-5248.

Beaver River Family Health Center* (Rt. 126, Beaver Falls): Wednesdays, 7AM-9AM

For more information regarding Laboratory services call (315) 376-5248.