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Message From Lewis County
Health System CEO Gerald R. Cayer, MPH


The past year has been a time of significant change, thoughtful reflection, measurable progress and transformation for the Lewis County Health System (Lewis County General Hospital, Residential Health Care Facility, Specialty and Primary Care Clinics, Hospice and Home Health). 

I have seen and experienced the care, compassion and commitment of the medical staff, the nursing service, the technicians, and the support teams.  Special thanks to all my colleagues, the Board of Managers and the Board of Legislators for your warm welcome to me and my family and for your commitment to our patients and families each and every day.

In the summer of 2017, we restated our collective commitment to what is most important: safety- freedom from harm, quality - implementing evidence based best practice policies, protocols and procedures, satisfaction - patient, employee and medical staff, and financial stewardship - maintaining a positive margin and developing a 10 year capital budget.

Further, in 2017 a collective effort in drafting a Vision Statement (a picture that you see in your mind of the ideal state) and a far-reaching review of the Mission Statement (the organization’s purpose) resulted in the creation of a strong road map for our coming years of service to the people of Lewis County and the surrounding communities.  The road map supports an approach that the organization will be relevant, strong and modern for the next generation, your children and grandchildren!

We will continue to find new ways to provide access to medical specialists while keeping your care in the community and managing health care costs.  This will include expanding selected and targeted services with our many partners in health care, social services, education and government and recruiting primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses and CNAs.  We are also committed to redeveloping care models with a strong focus on LCGH becoming a "Health and Wellness Center," developing measurable strategic initiatives, maintaining our status as an economic anchor, and striving every day to meet the health needs of the community.  Based on your feedback, we will continue to strive to improve each and every day. 

As we look forward to 2018, there will be new challenges and opportunities to navigate in the rapidly evolving health care environment.  Through the power of mission, strategic grit and partnership, I firmly believe we can be the healthiest county in New York State and America!