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Inpatient and Ambulatory Surgical Care

The thought of surgery should not cause stress or strain. With today’s new techniques and modern technology, the surgical staff at the Lewis County General Hospital Ambulatory Surgical Center is trained and experienced to help make  your surgical procedure as pleasant as possible. Procedures that just a few years ago required one or two days of hospitalization can now be performed on an outpatient basis. Our highly trained surgical teams perform over 2,000 procedures a year. They are experienced and dedicated to your well-being and fast recovery. Centrally located and staffed by friends and family, you are in good hands at the surgical center.

Our surgeons undergo ongoing training in their selected specialties to continue to maintain their skills and knowledge at the highest levels. This is also the reason why the operating room equipment is constantly being updated and modernized. The surgical nurses in the LCGH ASC have over 100 years of combined experience in the operating room, assisting in the performance of dozens of different procedures. The ASC is centrally located and easily accessed. Friends and family are made to feel welcome during the pre-op and post-op waiting time. The ASC Pain Clinic has seen an increase in patients of over 100% since the first year.

For more information about the Ambulatory Surgical Services at Lewis County General Hospital, please contact Stephenie Hunziker, RN, RNFA, Director of Ambulatory Services, at (315) 376-5003 or consult your personal physician.


24-Hour Emergency Services

The Emergency Department (ED) at Lewis County General is a full service, 10 private acute bed, 24/7/365, level II ED. The ED is staffed by Registered Professional Nurses and Board Certified Physicians specializing in Adult and Pediatric Emergency and Coronary Care. The ED provides Medical Control for all EMS services in Lewis County. The ED has immediate access to full service Laboratory, Cardio-Respiratory and Diagnostic Imaging including CT, MRI, Ultrasound, and Nuclear Imaging.

The ED has an extensive range of consultant-specialist services available such as Orthopedic Surgery, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Oncology, Internal Medicine, and Family Practice. A typical visit to the Emergency Department begins at triage.  Here, the patient will be met by an RN who will evaluate a person's illness or injury.  The triage process sorts patients based on their severity of symptoms.  Anyone with life, limb threatening, or severe illness or injuries will be treated first.  This is not a first come, first served basis. The ED staff is committed to providing the most compassionate, prompt, and effective health care for our patients.

The ED mission statement is to provide prompt and effective care according to the needs of the patient.


Ambulatory Services Physicians


Abdelrahman "Abdul" Elgallad, M.D.


Jon Baker, M.D.

Sung "Steve" Kwon, M.D., MPH

Kyron C. Tamar, M.D., FACS


Debra Koloms, M.D., Board Certified


Stephen Adcock, M.D.

Steven J. Kaplan, M.D.

Evan Leibelsperger, RPA-C


Gerard Crawford, M.D., Board Certified

Vladimir Breslau, D.O., Board Certified

Eldad Vered, M.D.

Selina Hughes, NP


Other Acute Care Services:

Pain Management



Inpatient Pharmacy Services