Lewis County General Hospital Auxiliary Whale Program

The Lewis County General Hospital Auxiliary is pleased to bring the WHALE Program to the Lewis County community.  The WHALE Program (We Have A Little Emergency) is an identification and information package for child care safety seatscreated by Connie Day, a caregiver from Richmond, VA, who wondered what would happpen to the children in her care in the event of an automobile accident.  The first program of its kind in the United States, WHALE is currently used in 32 states and soo nationwide.  It requires the use of four self adhesive stickers and one information label. This program is a simple and viable way to ensure proper and efficient treatment of your child or grandchild in the event of an automobile accident.

The information label attaches to the rear of the car seat and provides important information about the child in the seat, such as name, date of birth, medical history, and who to contact in case of an emergency.  If placed on the outside of the back of the car seat this will not be visable from outside the vehicle, thus ensuring privacy of these personal facts.

Two WHALE Car Seat Stickers, are attached to the sides of the safety seat, and two WHALE Vehicle stickers, attahced to he rear side vehicle windows, depict the WHALE logo and alert rescuers that the vehicle occupants participate in the program.  This is escpecially important if the adult driver is not conscious and able to help, or if it is a baby sitter, grandparent or friend driving.

The Auxiliary has worked closely with local law enforcement on this important project.  The WHALEprogram identification kits can be obtained in the LCGH Auxiliary Gift Shop or you may contact Auxiliary Presidnet Nina Gregory at 376-7076.


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June 3 - Auxiliary Art Competition Winners Announced

LCGH Auxiliary Announces Senior Art Competition Winners

The winners of the Lewis County General Hospital Auxiliary Senior Artwork Competition were unveiled June 3th at the hospital in Lowville. 

The LCGH Auxiliary Artwork Competition’s first place winner was Allie Dykeman of Lowville Academy Central School for her piece titled "Ballerina Slippers." Allie is the daughter of Sonya Dykeman and will be studying Fashion Design at SUNY Oneonta.  

Copenhagen Central School student Mackenzie St. Louis was the second Place Winner for her photograph titled "Eve's Temptation."  Mackenzie is the daughter of Charles and Christine St. Louis and is planning to attend Utica College and will be studying nursing

The third place honorable mention went to Copenhagen Central School student Emily Griffin for her work titled "Mandy and the Mango."  Emily is the daughter of Lori Atkinson and Ron Griffin and will be attending SUNY Plattsburg for Communications and Broadcasting.