Senior Custodian Worker

This is a supervisory position involving responsibility for overseeing the routine and repetitive manual work calling for the efficient and economical performance of building cleaning and occasional minor maintenance tasks.  Work is preformed under direct supervision or according to specific instructions of the Director of Infection Prevention with leeway allowed for the exercise of independent judgment.   This position differs from a Custodial Worker in that the incumbent functions as the “Lead Worker” on a given shift. Does related work as required. Good working knowledge of building cleaning practices, supplies and equipment; ability to follow simple oral and written instructions and ability to supervise and train employees; willingness to perform routine cleaning and other manual tasks; ability to get along well with others; thoroughness; dependability; physical condition commensurate with demands of the position. Two years of experience as a Custodial Worker in a large scale institution with experience in building cleaning work. For application contact the contact Human Resources, Lewis County General Hospital, 7785 N. State St., Lowville, NY  13367, E.O.E. Email: