Certified Home Health Care Program

Adult Day Health Care

ADHC is a community based program that operates from 9:00am until 3:00pm, Monday through Friday. The program serves the needs of frail, mentally or physically impaired at risk adults who cannot be left home alone during the day. Working with individualized care plans, the skilled, professional staff at ADHC gives each registrant the tools necessary to live at home as long as possible. The program is VA and Medicaid approved.

Services Available:  

  • Nursing Care
  • Social Work
  • Therapies: Maintenance PT/OT/SP
  • Medication Management
  • Case Management
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Personal Care
  • Therapeutic Recreation
  • Outings
  • Special Dinners
  • Exercise Groups

 Who Qualifies?

Adults over 21 years of age with medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, developmentally delayed, emphysema, Alzheimer's Disease, arthritis, or those who are recovering from a stroke or traumatic brain injury. Also included are people who require health and rehabilitative services but do not need an inpatient setting.

The mission of Adult Day Health Care is to provide quality health care in a warm home-like atmosphere by caring, skilled health care professionals. The provision of this care will enable individuals to live at home, independently, as long as possible preventing the need for institutionalization.

If you or a loved one is a possible candidate for this unique program, please call Deborah Blair, RN, at 376-5499. All calls are in strictest confidence. Personal tours are arranged upon request.

Comments from Family Members of ADHC Registrants:

"The Adult Day Health Care program is a very important part of our lives. My daughter truly enjoys all the staff, and other people she shares the program with. The program helps me a lot so I can keep my part-time job. It is very nice to start the day so upbeat."

"I think Adult Day Health Care has been great for my mother. She had gotten so she didn't do much of anything except sit in a chair. Now she gets up and goes almost every day. It is good to see her up and around."

"I feel Adult Day Health Care has helped my husband a great deal. He has much more self confidence than he had when he first came in. The staff has made him feel useful and worthwhile. A great deal of love is shown to all the registrants. He truly looks forward to coming in each day."

Volunteer Opportunities

The registrants at Adult Day Health Care are in great need of your kind, helping hand. The staff at ADHC knows your time in valuable and volunteering only takes an hour of your time or more. It never has to be more time than you can spare. You can help the registrants with a wide range of activities like playing a game of cards, talking about current events or helping them on a trip to the store.

ADHC operates from 9:00AM until 3:00PM, Monday through Friday. For more information on how to help the registrants by volunteering your time, contact Mackenzie Bellinger, ADHC Coordinator at (315) 376-5640.  



Oncology Navigator

Do you need assistance with cancer care?

Lewis County General Hospital has a program designed to assist the communities we serve with the many new and unknown experiences that may follow a diagnosis of cancer. We are here to assist you in making your treatment and recovery as stress-free as possible.

At LCGH, a special "Oncology Navigator" is available to help patients who may have cancer "navigate" through the healthcare system. This program is designed to assist you in obtaining the best care possible. The navigator will work with you to ensure that you get the support and help you need.

What is an Oncology Navigator?

An oncology navigator is a person who guides and supports patients during the challenges of having cancer. The Oncology Navigator is available to patients, their families and caregivers as another resource. The Navigator works closely with the patient to help eliminate or reduce barriers to cancer care and to provide education, encouragement and emotional support.

Lewis County General Hospital's Oncology Navigator is Joanne Dicob. Joanne is a cancer survivor who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 and went through the diagnosis, treatment and recovery phases just as every cancer patient does.

Joanne is dedicated to assisting men and women who have been diagnosed with all aspects of the disease - pre and post diagnosis.

How Can The Oncology Navigator Help You?


  • Guide you through the medical experience with educational information.
  • Provide emotional support during a very anxious time.
  • Help with insurance issues.
  • Assist you in finding accurate information to make informed decisions.
  • Support you through the healthcare experience during your diagnosis and treatment.
  • Explore transportation, financial resources and/or other concerns you may have and guide you to the appropriate local assistance and support you may need.
  • Assist you in getting answers to your questions.


How Do You Access This Program?

The Oncology Navigator works closely with the Lewis County General Hospital staff to assure that all aspects of the patient's diagnosis, treatment and recovery experiences are met. In some cases, patients may call the navigator directly or referrals also come from doctor's offices. You do not need to be receiving services at Lewis County General Hospital to utilize this program.

If you or someone you know would like more information about this program or financial assistance, please call, email or visit anytime:

Joanne Dicob, Oncology Navigator

Office: (315) 376-5493

Fax: (315) 376-9317

Email: jdicob@lcgh.net

More about Joanne Dicob, LCGH Oncology Navigator...

Joanne Dicob was born in Lowville, NY, as has lived in the town of New Bremen since 1973. She has three children and three grandchildren with her husband, Rodney Dicob. They operated a dairy farm in New Bremen for 17 years. While helping her husband on the farm, Joanne also worked for the late State Assemblyman, H. Robert Nortz, from 1975 until 2001.

In 2001, Joanne was offered the position of District Liaison for NYS Gov. Pataki. From 2001 to 2006, Joanne represented the Governor in Lewis, Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties.

Joanne was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 and after her treatments, became a public advocate for breast cancer screenings and public outreach to other patients. In 2008, she began working part time as the Oncology Navigator for LCGH. Joanne used her experience with cancer as motivation to guide other men and women through their journey with cancer.

Joanne is a Thousand Islands State Park Commissioner Board Member for Friends of Lewis County Hospice, Member of the Lewis county Community Services Board, Rite of Christian Initiation for Children Instructor, former executive and committee member for Lewis County Republican Committee, past President of the New Bremen Community Improvement Association, and a former Town Councilwoman on the Town of New Bremen.


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 Dental and Children’s Services are Available through North Country Children’s Clinic, located in the Children’s Clinic Building

Ophthalmological and optometry services through Watertown Eye Center and Meade Opticians are located in the Medical Arts Building.