Your Maternity Experience at LCGH

The OB/GYN program at Lewis County General Hospital is one of the finest in the North Country. We offer three experienced OB/GYN physicians, Gerard A. Crawford II, Cynthia H. Fraser, Lindsey D. Huber, and Adult Nurse Practitioner, Selina Hughes. Together they have over 70 years of experience in the specialty of bringing new life into the world. The program also includes a prenatal program to help prepare the new mom and dad for the arrival of the newest addition to their family.

The Maternity Department at LCGH contains the North Country's first Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum luxury suites. They are modern, comfortable rooms designed to make the birthing experience as comfortable as possible for the entire family. Security and safety are a top priority in the unit with high tech surveillance equipment in use 24 hours a day. The maternity staff is experienced, dedicated and totally patient focused during every step of the miracle of birth. If you wish to enjoy a personal tour of the modern unit please contact Lorrie Stanford, RN at 376-5200.

Dr. Crawford, Dr. Fraser, Dr. Huber and Selina Hughes, NP are currently accepting new patients in their OB/GYN practice. To schedule an appointment, please call (315) 376-5475. For more information on these physicians, click here.


2014 Education Schedule for Patient Programs

The Lactation Club (TLC)

TLC (the Lactation Club), is a club for pregnant and breastfeeding mom’s and their children, that meets once a month in the Family Room on the first floor at Lewis County General Hospital, from 10-11am.  There is no charge and no appointment is necessary.  Breastfeeding support professionals are available for information and a scale is available to check baby’s weight.

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Click here for a list of Breastfeeding Friendly Businesses


The Healthy Pregnancy Workshop ...provides you a guide to a healthy lifestyle before or during pregnancy to help you give your baby a healthy start before it's born. Learn about the warning signs of preterm labor, nutrition, managing stress, exercise and what to avoid during your pregnancy. We encourage you to attend early!

January 14

March 11

May 13

July 8

September 9 

November 11


Breastfeeding Class ...we encourage all expectant parents to attend even if they have not definitely decided to breastfeed. This class will help you understand why breastfeeding is best for you and your baby and help you breastfeed with confidence. You will learn valuable tips to help you make the decision regarding your baby's nutrition.

January 9

March 13

May 8

July 10

September 11

November 11


Childbirth Education Classes ...will help prepare you for the process of labor, birth and caring for your newborn. The program will include coping with labor, your options for pain control, how to develop a birth plan, when to come in to the hospital and what to expect when you arrive.

January 11

February 1

March 8

April 12

May 3

June 7

July 12

August 2

September 6

October 11

November 15

January 3, 2015


For information about any of these programs or services, please contact the Maternity Department at (315) 376-5602.