Certified Home Health Care Program

The Maternity Department at Lewis County General

The Maternity Department at Lewis County General Hospital is one of the finest in the North Country. We offer experienced Obstetricians: Dr. Gerard Crawford II, Dr. Ahmed Mansour, and Dr. Michael W. Corbin; who can take care of you throughout your pregnancy, as well as during the labor & delivery process and post-partum period. The Women’s Health office also has Adult Nurse Practicioners, Selina Hughes and Jackie Blunt, who may see you for your prenatal appointments. In addition, Dr. Lynn Pisaniello is a family physician who delivers babies. Her office is located at the South Lewis Health Center in Lyons Falls.

Together, our Doctors have over 70 years of experience in the specialty of bringing babies into the world. To schedule an appointment, call the Women’s Health Services office at 376-5475.  Click here for more information about our providers. We also have caring and experienced nursing staff who will take excellent care of you and your baby during your stay with us.

Our Unit:

The Maternity Department has 2 LDRPs (Labor, Delivery, Recovery & Post-Partum). These modern comfortable suites allow patients to stay in the same room for their entire stay. They include a recliner for dads or other support person to sleep in. Security and safety are top priorities so the maternity unit doors are always locked and 24 hour video surveillance is used. After delivery, matching ID bands are placed on the mom, dad, and baby. We encourage parents to keep their babies in their room with them but Nursery staff is always available to take care of your baby at your request.

Tours of the Maternity unit are available and can be scheduled by calling us at 376-5602.

Other Health Education and Information:

Please ask for your Childbirth Education booklet at your 28 week appointment with your OB physician. You can sign up for a tour of the Maternity Department by calling 315-376-5602

We offer a monthly Breastfeeding Class.   

If you have any questions or concerns throughout your pregnancy, you can ask your Doctor or call Maternity to speak with a nurse 24/7.

Women’s Health Services office: 376-5475

Maternity: 376-5602 or email: obs@lcgh.net

Maternity Nurse Manager: 376-5605

We look forward to taking care of you and your baby!


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