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A Message from our Board of Managers President

Message From Michele Prince, LCGH Interim CEO

Patient service and care is the number one priority for the staff at Lewis County General Hospital and Residential Health Care Facility (LCGH/RHCF).  Everyday our facility strives to improve the health of the people in the communities that we serve. 

We are extremely fortunate to have physicians, staff and volunteers who are dedicated, competent and compassionate.  Each member of the staff plays an important role in meeting our patients' health care needs, whether those needs involve a complex surgical procedure or a warm blanket and a friendly smile.

The healthcare landscape will continue to transform, moving from "volume" based to being reimbursed based on "value." Medicare is leading the way by changing payment models based on treating the sick, to models based on keeping communities healthy.  This new model is known  as population health and is designed to engage patients in their own care, and ties payment to cost and quality.  LCGH is committed to working collaboratively with all of our partners to ensure our patients have access to the right health care at the right time.  This will be important as we strive to improve the quality of care, reduce costs and provide the patients with the best experience possible.

In 2016, our Hospital and RHCF made significant advances in patient safety, clinical quality and operational improvements, expanded clinical programs, enhanced access to outpatient services and reinforced its status as a destination hospital within the region.

LCGH is the first facility in the North Country to use the Xenex LightStrike Germ Zapping Robot.  The robot uses ultraviolet (UV) light to quickly destroy bacteria, viruses, mold and other pathogens in hard-to-clean places.  This adds another layer of protection to our patients and residents.

The Hospital recently opened a new Extended Hours Clinic.  The Clinic is staffed by Dr. Brian Shambo and provides care for minor illnesses and injuries in the evening when patients are not able to see their regular doctor.

Under the direction of our new Emergency Department (ED) Medical Director, Dr. Mark Parshall, telemedicine technology will soon be available to help staff make appropriate evaluations and rapidly treat stroke patients in our ED.  The technology will connect our physicians with a Neurologist in Syracuse, allowing them to share CT scans and other vital data securely while communicating live via videoconference, increasing access for stroke treatment in our community. 

The Hospital is one of the largest employers in Lewis County and continues to play a vital role in improving the local community.  To ensure the facility remains strong, we will continue to monitor our fiscal health and look for new opportunities to strengthen services in 2017.  

I am proud of this organization and feel extremely grateful for the contributions, expertise and dedication of our physicians, employees and volunteers, the guidance and commitment of our board members and the generous support of donors and friends in the community – on which our success depends.  My thanks to each of you for your part in helping LCGH and RHCF enhance the lives of those we serve and build the platform for a strong future.