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Message From Our Interim C.E.O., Michele Prince

Message From Board of Managers President, Michael F. Young

This past year can only be described as a year of change and challenges.  Tasked with improving our fiscal health, the board of managers, administration, physicians, employees and volunteers worked diligently to significantly improve our financial picture and put in place the essential framework to move Lewis County General Hospital and Residential Health Care Facility (LCGH/RHCF) into the future.

I am so proud of the team’s accomplishments in 2015.  We continue to look at numerous changes to improve the fiscal health and are confident that with these changes, LCGH/RHCF will remain a pillar in the community for generations to come.   The undertaking was not an easy one.  Fortunately, we have an outstanding medical staff and over 650 loyal, dedicated and hardworking employees, each of whom make Lewis County General Hospital and Residential Health Care Facility a leader in health care in the North Country.

The coming year will pose new challenges from new ideas for care delivery, to changing payment reform, to new regulations aimed at improving patient quality and safety. We will meet those challenges boldly and head on. While the health care world may define us as a community health system, we know we are much, much more.  Both the hospital and nursing home are a treasure, built upon the goal of always striving to provide quality health care services for this community.

The Board of Managers and administration will continue to develop a framework for responding to the continuing challenges the hospital will face in 2016 and beyond.  Battles over health care reimbursement or the national discourse over health care reform will continue.  Regulations, reporting requirements and demands from insurers are changing on an almost daily basis.  And we will continue to look at what new models of care delivery will mean to our organization, and how we should adapt or change to meet them.

On behalf of the Board of Managers, I thank the hospital’s administrative staff, medical staff, employees, Board of Legislators, the Foundation and Auxiliary and the many volunteers for their extremely valuable and important efforts during this past year.   I also ask that you carry your energy and enthusiasm into the coming year.  Together, we will keep our facility strong and protect our community’s most vital health services.

Board of Managers President, Lewis County General Hospital